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The mission of the Historical and Folklore Museum of Nikiti is to study, interpret and present the history and culture of Nikiti from the 19th and 20th century.

The folklore collection of the museum includes approximately 1500 objects, donated during the last 20 years by the inhabitants of Nikiti to the Nikitean philologist Mr Dimitrios Dimaras.
For the purposes of the permanent exhibition, the collection was enriched with new donations, and historical documents. Objects, archival material, contemporary artistic photography, oral testimonies, and film documentary become the means to highlight various stories about the settlement and the lives of the people of Nikiti.

The Historical and Folklore Museum of Nikiti is housed in the stone school building of the old settlement.
The school was built in 1870, and today it is a historical monument under state protection. The nonprofit partnership “Museum of Nikiti Chalkidiki” is the responsible body for the operation of the museum. The implementation of the Historical and Folklore Museum of Nikiti came as a priority project for the Mayor of Sithonia, Ioannis Tzitzios, to achieve its integration in financial programs.

The renovation and transformation of the school into a museum was co-funded by the Rural Development Program of Creece 2007-2013 (RDP), Local Approach LEADER “Implementation of the LEADER Approach in the regional unit of Chalkidiki”. The research, as well as the museological-museographic study, and exhibition implementation were supported financially with its own resources entirely by the Municipality of Sithonia Chalkidiki.